My story starts in Ohio, I grew up in Dublin and attended The Ohio State University, that's where my love for photography began to evolve. For my High school graduation, my dad bought me a camera and took me out to California to explore my inner Ansel Adams. My first job out of college was working in a 1 hour photo lab in Dublin that had a small portrait studio. There was something magical to me about taking pictures and having them printed, that's where I found my passion for photographing people.

 I still had the desire to do and see more, so I took an opportunity to move to California with my bestie from college, we were both following our dreams and we landed in the LA/Santa Monica area. I was hired as a photographer for a start up LA sports magazine. I was definitely living my best life in sunny California. Going to coffee shops and taking headshots for my actor friends by day and jumping at any chance to work court side with the Lakers or get on the field to capture a Dodgers or Angels game by night. Those are some of the best memories of my life! The company I worked for eventually was sold off. I then found my way back to Ohio and took a job as a photo editor for McGraw-Hill, but my desire to photograph people continued to consume me, so I took a job opportunity to work for an amazing family owned studio here in Ohio. While there, I had the experience to work under a master portrait photographer and learn all about the business of photography that eventually led me to pursue starting my own business in Hilton Head.

 Hilton Head had always been a second home to me after many years of family vacations there, so it seemed like the perfect place to start. When living there, I took a job as a Starbuck's Barista and launched my photography business, during that time I also got married to my best friend Keith. Living on the Island was a dream come true for me until we had to make our way back to Ohio to be closer to family. We now live in Galena, Ohio for most of the year with our big white fluffy Great Pyrenees dog. I'm blessed to continue to serve my Hilton Head clients and have the opportunity to work in two amazing locations. I schedule several weddings and portrait sessions in Hilton Head and Columbus, Ohio as well as other nearby locations and cities in Ohio and the Carolina's. I would love to share more of my story and learn more about yours and what brought you to my page. Please contact me for a chat or zoom call.. I'd love to meet you!